Who Perpetrates Sexual Violence?


What percentage of people who perpetrate sexual violence are men, regardless of the gender of the victim/survivor (in reported cases)?

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Who Perpetrates Sexual Violence?

People who perpetrate sexual violence can be any gender, race, class, or sexual orientation. The only common characteristic is that the vast majority of people who perpetrate sexual violence are men.

According to Statistics Canada 94% of people who perpetrate sexual violence are men regardless of the victim’s/survivor’s gender, and 99% of sexual assaults against women were perpetrated by men.

Sexual violence, however, is vastly underreported and there are a variety of factors that discourage certain populations from reporting. This includes people of all genders who have been violated by women.

Check Your Understanding

Check to see if you know the facts about who perpetrates sexual violence.

Know Some Facts

"The victim/survivor usually knows the person who perpetrated the sexual violence is true."

This relationship could be one of trust or of power. Friends, partners, spouses, dates, classmates, teachers, relatives, or anyone else can perpetrate sexual violence. In most cases they are NOT strangers lurking in the bushes.

"When someone enters into a romantic and/or sexual relationship they consent to all sexual activity is false."

No one owes anyone sex regardless of their relationship. Consent must be obtained each time and for every sexual act. Unfortunately, up until 1983 a husband could not be charged with raping his wife, contributing to this myth.

"Men have uncontrollable sexual urges that lead to sexual violence is false."

This idea falsely equates sex and sexual violence. People who perpetrate sexual violence do so to exert power over and/or harm the other person.  This myth enforces the idea that “boys will be boys,” and that male violence is natural and normal. The assumption that men have no control over their urges is untrue and insulting to men.