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  • Exploring Sexual Consent - Handout

  • Survivors Deserve Video

    #survivorsdeserve video

  • I Don’t Owe You Campaign

    Avalon I Don’t Owe You Campaign

  • Clothes Do Not Equal Consent Video

    Watch the 2010 viral video from Rape Crisis Scotland that addresses how clothes do not equal consent

  • Campus Toolkit for Creating Consent Culture

    Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, Campus Toolkit for Creating Consent Culture


A Toronto-based feminist organization (on the unceded territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation) that “works to shift rape culture to consent culture.” femifesto has published a series of interviews with activists and advocates from various marginalized communities about sexual violence and representaiton in the media.

  • Debunking Myths About Rape in Prison

    Interview with El Jones and Mooky Cherian

  • Consent Culture Isn’t Possible in a Colonial System

    Interview with Cyndy Baskin and Leslie Spillett

  • Talking About Cis Men and Media Coverage of Sexual Assault

    Interview with Derek Warwick and Glenn Canning

  • Who Will Protect us from our Protectors - Sexual Violence and Black Communities

    Interview with Margaret Alexander and Riya Jama

  • Listen to Sexual Assault Survivors of Colour

    Interview with Andrea Villanueva and Chenthoori Malankov

  • Queer Women Creating Consent Culture

    Interview with Kim Katrin Milan

  • Say Out Loud Why and How Sexual Violence Happens

     A Conversation with Kai Cheng Thom About Media Reporting on Sexual Violence and Trans Folks

  • End Islamophobic Coverage of Muslim Sexual Violence Survivors

    Interview with Naheed Mustafa and Chelby Daigle

  • Stop Erasing Sexual Violence Survivors with Disabilities

    Interview with Jess Rueger and Marianne M. Park

  • Sex Workers are Experts at Sexual Consent

    Femifesto Interview with Chanelle Gallant, Co-director of the Migrant Sex Worker Project.

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