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  • Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Violence - Handout

  • Grounding Techniques PDF

  • We Believe You Colouring Book

    We Believe You- A Colouring Book for Survivors and Supporters, originally developed at Ryerson University, Toronto.

  • Tips re: affirming gender identity

    Tips about how to respect and affirm a transgender person’s gender identity.

  • Trauma Information Centre

    The Manitoba Trauma Information Centre website includes an array of resources about providing support that is trauma informed including the Trauma Informed Toolkit; a quick guide to fight, flight, and freeze trauma responses; and Indigenous trauma.

  • Trauma Recovery and Resilience videos and website

    These Trauma Recovery and Resilience videos were created by the Manitoba Trauma Informed Education & Resource Centre.

  • UBUNTU & MARC Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault Booklet

    A guide to supporting victim/survivors by UBUNTU, a U.S. based movement “led by women of color and survivors of sexual assault, dedicated to creating a world without sexual violence”, and Men Against Rape Culture. MARC is “a multi-racial, anti-racist organization of men in Durham, NC, committed to ending the epidemic of male violence by attacking it at its roots.”

  • Trauma and the Brain: Understanding abuse survivors’ responses Video

    An animated video made by North Lanarkshire Ending Violence and Abuse that shows how someone who has been subjected to rape or sexual assault might react in a police interview, explains the impact of trauma on the brain and demonstrates new trauma-informed techniques for professionals to use.

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