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  • Choices Following Sexual Violence - Handout

  • Considerations when thinking of reporting to police

    Click here for a list of considerations when thinking of reporting to the police, from Avalon Sexual Assault Centre.

  • What I wish I’d known before testifying in the Ghomeshi trial – Chatelaine Magazine

    Interview with Linda Christina Redgrave about what she wishes she knew before testifying in a high profile sexual assault trial.

  • The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities

    A zine (a handmade, often photocopied, self-published) about partner abuse in radical, LGBTQIA2S+, and activist communities. Created by a diverse grouping of women and organizations such INCITE!, Communities Against Rape and Abuse, and Philly's Pissed.

  • Healing In Action Zine: Street Youth Rise Up – Young Women’s Empowerment Project

    A zine by the Young Women’s Empowerment Project a U.S. based “member based social justice organizing project that is led by and for young people of color who have current or former experience in the sex trade and street economies.”

  • Fem'aide

    Fem’aide, a provincial telephone helpline for Francophone women dealing with violence, has benefited the French Community in Ontario since 2006.

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