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  • Sexual Violence: An Introduction

  • Choices Following Sexual Violence

  • Enhancing the Wellbeing of Support People

  • Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Violence

  • Exploring Sexual Consent

  • Indigenous Perspectives

  • beinganally

    Being an Ally

  • challengingrapeculture

    Challenging Rape Culture

  • consentfinal

    Consent Is

  • emergency self care

    Emergency Self-Care Plan

  • AdultHealthFinal

    Medical Considerations - Adult

  • organizational strategies

    Organizational Strategies for Wellness

  • reporting to police text

    Reporting to Police Flowchart - Detailed Text

  • self care

    Self-Care Plan

  • SVC2

    Systemic Oppression

  • SVMMIW_ContinuumFINAL

    Violence Against Indigenous Women

  • cultureofconsent

    Building a Culture of Consent

  • Consent_Iceberg

    Consent Iceberg

  • grounding techniques

    Grounding Techniques

  • MK toolkit

    Mi'kmaw Community Engagement Toolkit

  • YouthHealthFInal

    Medical Considerations - Youth

  • Reporting_To_Police

    Reporting to Police Flowchart - Visual

  • fosteringsaferesponses

    Responding to a Disclosure Infographic

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 9.13.41 PM

    Sexual Violence Continuum

  • flyer pic

    Training Course Promo Flyer

  • colouring book

    We Believe You Colouring Book