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You do not need to register to do the course however, by registering you will receive a certificate for completing the program and have access to the functionality of the Course Dashboard.  If you choose to register for this open resource, you will be given secure private access to a number of extra functions in the course.  The notes functionality that is available to a registered user is private and not shared amongst other users.  Your email is to simply secure your use of these tools, and you will only be contacted for program/course updates. Your access to modules will be open for a minimum of 300 days. After 300 days, users data may be removed from the system as a result of site maintenance.  All of the activity on this site is private and secure. Your email and username will be listed on the system administration panel, and never accessed by the public. Nova Scotia Community Services will review the activity in this course for resource development purposes only.  None of your notes or other course activity will be made publicly available or accessed for any other purpose than to improve the quality of the course offering.

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