Course Overview

The following modules cover the entirety of the curriculum for this online program.  If you complete all of the modules below, you can receive a certificate of completion when registered.  You must register to receive the certificate.  Registration is free and your email is never used for any other purpose than to secure your login or receive specific course updates.  You can review all of the course material without registering, this course is open.

Grid of Course Modules

Sexual Violence: An Introduction

This module includes the basics about what sexual violence is and who is impacted. It dispels common rape myths and explores how rape culture normalizes sexual violence.

Responding to a Disclosure

This module provides information about what you might expect when supporting a victim/survivor, the effects of trauma, and how you can respond if someone tells you they have been subjected to sexual violence.

Choices following Sexual Violence

This module explains some of the options that a person has after sexual violence. It describes resources that you could refer a victim/survivor to, and what they might expect when navigating these resources.

Exploring Sexual Consent

This module outlines the basic elements of sexual consent, ways to ask for consent, consent and age of consent laws, and the impacts that power imbalances can have on someone’s ability to consent or communicate no.

Enhancing the Wellbeing of Support People

This module outlines signs of stress in support people, and both individual and organizational strategies to foster mental and physical wellbeing.


Indigenous Perspectives

This module explores the connections between colonization, intergenerational trauma, racism and sexual violence. It also focuses on Mi’kmaq resilience and pathways to healing.

African Nova Scotian Perspectives

This module explores historical and ongoing racism, intergenerational trauma and the connections to sexual violence. It also focuses on African Nova Scotian resilience, community and cultural pride.

Understanding the Sexual Exploitation of Youth: An Introduction

This module is an introduction to the issue of the sexual exploitation/trafficking of children and youth. The information in this module will help you recognize the signs of sexual exploitation and human trafficking and how to offer support.